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Horse Racing Handicapping For Thoroughbreds


GRAZEN IN THE SUN continued a rather nice set of winners for our daily clocker reports at Santa Anita with a Fit and Ready win paying $35.20 on Sunday Apr 7 in the 2nd. We will be tracking the new Tapeta training track results to try to determine the relationship of a horse's performance in the morning on the new training surface relative to its form in the afternoon on the dirt and turf surfaces. So far it would appear that many more horses do well on the Tapeta in the morning, which bodes well for our reports since it is difficult to get a measure of a horse's form in the morning when they struggle on tracks that impede their abilities.


The prices of our workout pushes, including many of our horses with special pushes in the comments of highly graded works, have been nothing short of fantastic for entire year, including the recent meets and Breeders Cup. Frankly, anyone betting the So Cal racing circuit, especially the horizontal and vertical bets, without the HR info, is making a huge mistake. There appeared to be at least one knockout winner that was unhandicappable on each card and often each Pick 4 or 5 without the info supplied by our clockers marking that horse as bound to improve.


Thanks to all who participated with us at HR for the incredibly successful DM Summer meet. Everyone we have spoken with have commented that our information was the best they have ever experienced at DM. We will have the same great team in place for the upcoming meets.


An amazing opening weekend at Del Mar for the HR Clockers. However, Sunday Jul 23 stood out as one of our best days ever for the Daily Clocker Report


Including the Bob Baffert first time starter who was a must use given her 3 Best of Morning workouts at Los Alamitos, a site we do not cover, we had the winners of the final 6 races, most at big prices. The Pick 4 paid $873.95, the Pick 5 paid $13,509.30 and nobody had 6 in the Pick 6, which would have paid over $195,000. Of course, we chose not to play the Pick 6 this day. 


All of the winners of the last 6 races (excepting the Baffert Los Al winner) had workouts with grades of at least B, signifying very good, must use quality.


The works and prices by race for the day were as follows:

Race 3  $12.40 OAKHURST                  2 Grade B

Race 6  $31.60 ORDER AND LAW          Grade B

Race 7  $17.00 ARMENDARES (GB)      Grace B

Race 8  $20.20 RAGING TORRENT    2 Grade B "can run"

Race 9  $11.60 DU JOUR                       2 Grade A-

Race 11 $7.60 OVERDUE                      3 Grade B, also HTW


Racing continues at DM Thursdays thru Sundays.

Get your HR reports at Hreport.com


The daily reports for Opening Day at Del Mar have been posted to your User Accounts. Note that the purchase of the HR clocker and ratings reports are available for a moderate increase in single day price. As the best source of handicapping information for the Southern California racing scene, we have maintained our pricing as long as possible below other competitors. With the recent inflation and the expansion of the racing cards to more races per day requiring the same amount of expenses on our part for less revenue per week, we felt the need to price our products where we can continue to supply the top quality that we have become known for. Some of our recent results are listed below to give the occasional player some idea of the great winners we have continued to produce on a regular basis at the recent meets. 


Here's hoping we all have a fabulous Del Mar meet in terms of fun as well as profits.


Subscriptions are now available for the Del Mar meet in your User Accounts as well. We will feature all of our regular weekly and daily reports during the 8 week meeting which begins on Friday July 21. For the Plan 1 subscribers, the Weekly Workout Reports from the interim period between meets will automatically be included in your accounts as they are published, and any back reports will also appear in your account when you sign up for DM Plan 1.


HR had a clocking crew at SA up until they shut down for the Del Mar Summer meet. As always, the DM main track was not open until the Sunday before Opening Day with the first Turf works occurring 3 days before the first race. Our clockers are there for the first week, but typically trainers are reluctant to jump right onto the fresh track, so there will be limited Del Mar morning works for the first races. Santa Anita is staying open until Del Mar opens and we will cover the interim works between meets there.


We are certainly looking forward to the Del Mar meet with the big fields and big purses (and the crowds). Despite the mostly small fields and short prices at Santa Anita, HR did much better than hold our own in terms of spotting and pushing most of the price horses that sparked the decent horizontal and vertical payoffs at Santa Anita. 


Our info from the SA meet is carrying over to the short Los Al meeting. We had 3 Horses to Watch winners on the first weekend, including BIG SWEDE paying $18.20 on Sunday, who was listed twice on our HTW weeklies and had a Grade B workout as well to promote the HR push.


In the last 5 weeks of the Santa Anita meet since our last summary of results, we have continued to produce excellent winners from both our Clocker Reports and our Trip Notes. From our top pushes, we have given out 9 Fit and Ready list winners and 12 Horses to Watch, including 2 cold deck exactas. However, that doesn't tell the whole story by any means. On Closing Day, Jun 18 our Clocker Report contained the winners of 6 races with at least Grade B workouts. They included EVER SMART paying $14.00 and SIR ATTICUS who paid $13.60 as a Grade B worker and a Horse to Watch.


Sat Jun 17 was quite a day for HR information. As always, it can be difficult to put together the best bets from great information, but it was there to be taken. After winning the 1st race with AGENCY paying $14.60, the concentration for the day was on the Pick 6 to get it before it had to be given away on Closing Day. In the 7th, the first leg, a shipper that had run 3rd in the  Kentucky Juvenile had a local Grade B- workout in which our clocker pointed out that he outworked an older filly. A bit of a reach, but we are going for the big carryover pot. TRANCHE won and paid $42.00.  The 8th race was won by CHERUBIC FACTOR, a Horse to Watch at $9.00. The 9th race went to a "decent" Grade B- first time starter named MEESH at $51.60. The 10th race went to STAMP MY PASSPORT with a "decent" Grade B- work. He also had worked well prior to his first start. He paid $37.20. Well, at this point, we should have been home free with the whole pot, as the 11th and 12 went to DORIS MAE with 2 Grade B's at $7.00 and RUNNINWITHTHEBOYZ with 4 Grade B's @ $4.80. The Pick 6 carryover was $346,136 as all of us missed at least one. The pick 5 was a little easier, but paid paid quite well at $20,352. So, we've got the info, all you have to do is put it together correctly. 


On Fri Jun 16 we began the final weekend at SA with 2 Horses to Watch winners and a nice debut win from BIG POND in the 7th. Her final work before her first start was a Grade B from the gate with the comment "popped the gate...not asked much, a good work for the Mr. Big filly, who showed nice zip here and should debut soon". She paid $10.00 to win. There were many other winners buried in the reports for the final weeks of Santa Anita, but space is limited, yet one other day is worthy of summarizing. Mon May 29, Memorial Day opened with a bomber at SA. Our Horse to Watch in the 1st race ACT THREE lit up the tote board @ $45.40 and with another HTW YELLOW BRICK running 2nd the HR HTW exacta paid $71.60. The Clocker's Report took over in the 5th race with a Grade B workout on MACADAMIA (BRZ) who won and paid $14.40. The 6th race winners circle featured REIQUIST, who had gotten a Grade B team work the previous week "wearing blinkers (new)". He won nicely paying $36.60 with the double paying $237.00.


We have gotten behind in covering the important results from the HR reports. Certainly, the short fields have produced a lot of short prices that are not what the true horseplayer is looking for. Fortunately, when the longshots have been there, so has Handicappers Report. On Sat May 13, we had 2 of our 4 Horses to Watch in Today finish 2nd, but the other two kicked in with very nice mutuels. YOGI BOY won the 5th race paying $15.80 and UPWARD MOBILITY lit up the tote board paying $35.60 to win. On Fri May 7, MOODY JIM (IRE) finally showed up with his real race after posting a Grade B workout with our clocker noting that he "hasn't run well in a while, but looked good here and could fit with $25K claimers on the sod". That's where he landed and won convincingly paying $8.80. The point being that, instead of hoping that this is the spot where the horse turns it around, our clockers attempt to tell us that it probably is, giving us the confidence of backing the runner today.


Kentucky Derby weekend gave us some great opportunities back home in CA. While we offered the short priced Fit and Ready and Horses to Watch winners of MI HERMANO RAMON in the 3rd on Sun May 7 and MAS RAPIDO (GB) in the 1st on Sat, we also pegged BALADI in the 2nd on Sat who was listed twice on our HTW list calling for a return to one turn. In addition, his latest 2 works were strong Grade B outings with the comment "hopefully this gelding will finally be allowed to go back to one turn at a reasonable level as he has been in too tough routing of late". He stormed home at 7 furlongs paying $14.20. Another horse on our HTW in Today, REDLINE, ran 2nd in the race with the exacta paying $23.90. We had several short price winners on that day leading up to the final race where DEAN MARTINI, with 2 recent Grade B works wired his field paying $17.60. The weekend actually began with a bang for HR on Fri May 5 when CLOUSEAU won the 5th paying $13.20 after displaying good morning form with 2 recent Grade B works, one of which our clocker noted "under a big hold...able to go much faster if let run...better than it appears on paper". The next race, the 6th, featured our maiden of the day with DEL MAR JERRY taking the spotlight with 2 recent Grade B works, including his last where our clockers noted "Good work...has really come around of late and seems ready to fire a big shot in his debut". He did indeed, edging away at the wire, paying $12.00 with the double from CLOUSEAU paying $75.60.


There were many more decent winners over the last several weeks, but not worthy of note alongside of the double digit heroes listed above. A couple of others merit mentioning in previous weeks were GRITTY GIRL, a Fit and Ready lister on Fri Apr 28 paying $13.80 and ACQUIRED CLASS, a Horse to Watch lister on Sat Apr 22 paying $12.00.


The single May/shortened June Subscriptions will cover the remainder of the Santa Anita meet, starting Friday May 5 and ending on Sun Jun 18, as they have in the past several years and feature the shippers to the Triple Crown as well as the old Hollywood Park stakes and the regular 2 year old racing in CA. Subscriptions are available in your User Accounts now.


Another Fit and Ready lister won on Sun Apr 9. FIRST PEACE, with a masterful Mike Smith ride, slipped inside up the rail off the turn to score at $10.00.


Two more bomber winners from the Daily Clocker Report on Fri Apr 7. In the 5th race, HAYLEY LEVADE, whom we have been tracking for some time with a previous Grade B+ work and a spot on our Fit and Ready list, finally ran to those works by grabbing the early lead and running away from her field paying $20.60. In the 7th, first time starter LONG MAYSHE REIGN with 3 Grade B- "decent" works, including one missed by the official clockers, sped to the front and danced away to the wire, winning easily paying $27.00.


Subscriptions are available for the April SA meet in your accounts. They will begin with this Friday Mar 31 and end on Sun Apr 30.


Sun Mar 26 provided several decent payoffs on winners provided by the Daily Clocker Report. In the first race, VANCOUGAR was a Fit and Ready List member and won handily paying $12.80. In the 7th race, FAST AND SHINY, a horse scratched out of a turf route race by Baffert last week, worked a nice Grade B half instead earning the comment "looked fine...finishing well late...a good work". She instead entered this stakes race down the hill and outran her competition paying $17.20.


We followed up a great Sat with a bomber on Sun Mar 19. In the 9th race BOSS LADY, with several decent works and a Grade B in a race in which those who had run hadn't shown much, swept by and daylighted the field as a debuter paying $43.20. The exacta was completed by our Horse to Watch ISABEL LUDLOW paying $69.30.


HR had a super day at Santa Anita on Sat Mar 18. Our Horses to Watch list contributed 4 winners and our Fit and Ready listers included 2 more winners for the day, including MINISTER SHANE in the final race paying $13.60. In addition, VAROMA in the 5th race had a Grade B workout noting it was "a good work for her new trainer". She flew late to win easily @ $18.00. There were 2 other Grade B Baffert workers, that scored at nice mutuels, TAHOE SUNRISE in the 6th @ $10.20 and PLEASANT in the 10th @ $11.40. With HTW winners PRINCESS BETTINA in the 7th @ $7.40 and SHE'S GOT AWAY @ $6.40 in the 9th, all you needed was the winner of the 8th to sweep the pick 6 and pick 5. Fortunately for the HR faithful, CHICKENFINGERFRIDAY, who had our highest HR dirt route performance rating, won easily by 5 lengths providing us with the missing link to the pick 6 paying $4,575.40 and the pick 5 paying $1,421.65. Super scores for a sequence of winners paying a max of $13.60.


SA has so far taken the tack that cancelled days will be made up in the future with replacement days and added races to existing days. We have decided to proceed in a similar manner and not try to keep track of replacement races. Our reduced prices on subscriptions vs. the daily charge can hopefully allow our customers to handle the wait until the replacement races at no cost return the cost of the cancelled races in the future. Thanks for your understanding going forward in this difficult weather affected situation.


SA has cancelled the weekend of races from Feb 24 through Feb 26, we will be including the President's Day Mon Feb 20 trip notes with the past weekend of races. As is their custom, SA will make up races by scheduling extra days in the future, one of which will be Mar 9, and adding additional races on future race days. This doesn't help HR's revenue situation much on the dailies since entire days are being cut with no replacement income from daily sales of our products for the added races.


We had another super set of winners from the strong pushes on our weekly lists of our best workers of the week and horses to watch from our weekly trip notes on the the weekend ending Jan 29. There were 4 Fit and Ready list winners and a Horse to Watch winner to go with the great results from the previous week listed in the next paragraph. That's a total of 5 each of F&R and HTW winners over the 6 race day sequence. Get onboard.


The weekend ending on Sun Jan 22 at SA produced a Fit and Ready list winner and 4 Horses to Watch (HTW) winners. Fri Jan 20 featured Itzel in the 5th race as the HR HTW lister at 7/2 morning line. She was bet down to 2-1 and paid $6.20 to win as she fought with determination when challenged approaching the wire. Sat Jan 21 provided 2 HTW winners and a F&R winner. In the 6th race, MITAD DEL MUNDO scored @ $12.80, and in the 10th race, HAWKER pulled the upset @ $16.80. The 1 1/2 mile stake race in the 8th race included Fit and Ready lister DUVET DAY (IRE) who stormed to the lead inside the 1/16th pole to score at a juicy $28.80. Sun Jan 22 provided the finishing touches on a great weekend in the 7th as HTW FORGIVING SPIRIT rebid in the stretch to pull away to a $9.80 triumph.


That's the way to start off the biggest meet of the year! It took a positive photo finish result, but the First Race on Opening Day at Santa Anita was won by HR's Fit and Ready lister ONE MORE BID paying $35.00 to win. His recent Grade B+ work included the comment: "went extremely well in this early a.m. five furlong move...responding well in 59.0, final 1/4 in 23.2, a very good work for the recent maiden winner, who could be seen Opening day in a three-year-old stakes and seems to be improving quickly". Add in recent Grade B- working horses BLETCHLEY PARK in the 2nd, DICEY MO CHARA (GB) in the 3rd, SMART CODE (with new blinkers) in the 5th and Grade B worker FAUSTIN in the 4th, and you have an easy Pick 5 worth $10,790.70 to begin the meet! In case you needed an additional push to use SMART CODE in the 5th @ $12.60, he was an HR Horses to Watch lister. Another HTW, LA DEUXIEME ETOILE, scored in the 7th race @ $15.00


I hope everyone had a successful Del Mar Fall season and are looking forward to the coming Santa Anita season with the same enthusiasm as the rest of us at Handicappers Report. 2022 was indeed a highly successful year for all of our information and we expect 2023 to be equal or better with our same top notch contributors on board. Workouts at Santa Anita have continued during the lull in racing in our coverage between Del Mar and Santa Anita, giving us a strong database of workouts to start the winter season at Santa Anita.


Thanks again to all of our regular customers for their fantastic support over the years, with wishes for a highly successful Santa Anita Season. As in past years we will be issuing monthly subscriptions to break up the long 6 month Santa Anita meet. The Dec Jan Subscriptions are available now in your User accounts.


Sun Nov 20 was a good day for HR information. Our reports contained 2 Horses to Watch from our Weekly Trip Notes Report and one Fit and Ready lister from our Weekly Workouts Summary Report. All 3 won starting with HTW ROCK THE BOURBON in the first race. 'BOURBON also had a decent Grade B- workout that was missed off the worktab to enhance his charm, as he won and paid $20.00. HTW CAROLE LOMBARD won the 3rd paying $7.40, and Fit and Ready lister PHENOM won the 7th, bet down from a 7/2 morning line to a $5.80 mutuel. That was certainly not all as our 2 Grade B worker won the 8th race and "decent" Grade B- workers won the rest of the races (2,4,5,6 and 9) to complete a sweep of the card, including FIFTY CENT DOLLARS in the 9th paying $45.80 to win. The early pick 5 paid $1,679.45 and the late pick 5 paid $737.25 with the place pick all paying $11,504.60. A little side trophy went to the exacta in the 7th coupling PHENOM to MANORELLI with a decent Grade B- work @ 32-1 paying $122.20. A rather nice day's work at Bing Crosby's track.


Aaron Hesz, a key member of our HR staff, and we believe the top public handicapper in So Cal for many years, offers his full card analysis of the Del Mar and Santa Anita tracks for a $30 charge via Zelle, Venmo or Paypal. You can reach Aaron at 323-559-6669 to purchase his daily seminar, available one hour before first post via a live call or by text.


The SA Autumn meet continues to be very successful with the recent weekend producing several nice winners. On Sat Oct 29, the 4th race was won by STRAIGHT NO CHASER with 3 recent nice Grade B works paying $6.80 and the 7th was won by CABO SPIRIT with 2 Grade B works paying $7.40. Our Fit and Ready listers won the 3rd, GOING GLOBAL, and 9th, AMY C (GB). AMY C paid $9.40, winning like a good thing, and the double to RHEA MOON (IRE) with a nice Grade B work paid 63.20. RHEA paid $14.60 to win. On Sun Oct 30 our Horses to Watch, TAMING THE TIGRESS and BIG BEAUTY completed a cold deck exacta in the 5th and SECRETS TOLD won the 9th paying $24.60 as a Fit and Ready lister.


Super start to the Santa Anita Autumn meet for HR info with Horse to Watch I KNOW CASH FLOW winning the 4th race on Opening Day paying $17.80. On Sat Oct 1 we had 2 nice Horses to Watch winners WHATMAKESSAMMYRUN in the 7th at $38.00 to win and KANTHARA in the 10th paying $13.00. On the weekend we had 6 HTW/F&R winners and 3 seconds. It doesn't get much better than that, especially with the prices.


The final weekend of the Del Mar Meet was like a microcosm of what Handicapper's Report information provided for the whole summer. The top selections from our Trip Note Reports, the Horses to Watch lists, produced 3 winners, COAST OF ROAN on Friday in Race 8 paying $12.20, GAS ME UP on Sunday in Race 5 paying $12.40 and WEEGEE in the final race paying $19.20. The best workers for each week in our Weekly Workout Summary Reports, the Fit and Ready lists, repeated in our Daily Clocker Reports each racing day, gave us 3 winners as well, with not as robust prices, but nice singles, AMERICAREDWHITEBLU @ $3.60 on Friday, and on Saturday, SPEED BOAT BEACH @ $6.40 and KITTY KITANA (GB) @ $4.40.


Opening Day at Del Mar continued the HR super string of nice-priced winners. The first race exacta went to 2 Fit and Ready listers at a relatively short price as BREAKFAST RIDE took the lead and couldn't be caught on a fast pace paying $7.40. The favorite AMERICAREDWHITEBLU completed the exacta. The rest of the card supplied some much better prices as UNCONTROLLABLE circled the field in the 5th race to win going away paying $11.20 to win. She had a recent DM Grade B work in which she "stayed close to a very classy older male and seems a talented sort". In the 6th race which had a glut of speed signed up, closer BELLAMORE, with 2 Grade B- "decent" workouts, made the last run to pay $47.60 to win. In the 7th, ANACAPA had a recent Grade B- "decent" work and a Grade B- work prior to last race with the comment "good work, the best we have seen from the unraced Tiznow filly, who seems to be trending the right way". She took the lead and held late paying $25.40 to win. Our Fit and Ready lister KEYCHAIN GIRL ran 2nd at 3-1 with the exacta paying $52.50. In the 9th race, comebacker KID CORLEONE had improving works with the last being a Grade B- "decent" drill. He crushed the field wire to wire paying $16.40 to win. In the final race, our Horse to Watch CLUTCH HITTER stretched out off a lackluster debut to win decisively paying $13.20. Altogether a fabulous way to kick off the Del Mar meet.


The Del Mar Summer meet kicks off this year on Fri Jul 22 and runs until Sun Sep 11. The subscriptions for DM are available now in your accounts under the Subscriptions Tab. We are coming into this meet as hot as we have ever been, especially our clocker reports. Please read below to see the latest results.


The final week of Santa Anita racing provided another set of great winners from the HR reports, completing a super entire month of June for our info. There were 5 winners from our Horses to Watch lists and 3 winners from our Fit and Ready lists over the 3 days, including PATRON D'ORO in the 9th race on Sun Jun 19 paying $17.20 and CARPE VINUM paying $9.60 in the 7th race on Fri Jun 17.


The final 5 races of the SA meet included BREAKPOINT (CHI) on Sun Jun 19 in the 7th with a Grade B- "decent work for the comebacking East Coast invader", paying $20.20, STANDING O in the 8th with 4 decent Grade B- works paying $21.80, the HTW PATRON D'ORO @ $17.20 in the 9th, AFTER MIDNIGHT in the 10th with 5 decent Grade B- works paying $15.00, and in the final race the favorite HONG KONG HARRY (IRE) with 3 very nice Grade B workouts paying $6.00. The FINAL PICK 5 OF THE SANTA ANITA MEET PAID $8,465.95, WITH 5 HR PUSHES FROM OUR CLOCKERS REPORT AND HORSES TO WATCH LISTS.


We also pushed the winner of the 6th race ELENIAK with a Grade B and 3 Grade B- works paying $4.40, giving us the final pick 6 as well, but it only paid $6,656.80.


There were plenty of other winners from our clockers on the other 2 days of the final weekend, including Sat Jun 18 Race 2 CINNAMON CAT Grade B $11.60, Race 3 STONE SILENT with 4 decent Grade B- works "appears an early type and is a must follow" @ $8.00, Race 5 MISS MENSA decent Grade B- @ $19.00, and Race 10 LIBERAL (IRE) with 3 decent Grade B- @ $15.80


Finally, a nice push on Fri Jun 17 in Race 4 for ECONOMICAL with a Grade B- with the comment "not bad for the maiden claimer, who has been eliminated in both of his starts and may be better than shown". He paid $17.20. All great supporting information, but paling relative to our final send off for the meeting in the final pick 5 on Sunday.



HR has been closing out the Santa Anita meet with a strong set of Horses to Watch list and Clocker Fit and Ready list winners. Despite the relatively small field sizes, our barrage of pushes that keyed Pick 5 and Pick 4 wins have resulted in very positive returns in the last 2 weeks.


On Sun Jun 12, we had 6 total F&R and HTW winners out of the 8 on the card. It all started with F&R winners in the 2nd with very strong pushes on bet down AGENCY @ $6.60 and in the 7th on AMERICAN ADMIRAL @ $9.60. HTW winners included favorites OCTOPUS in the 3rd, VALIANCY in the 5th and COUNTESS ROSINA (IRE) in the 8th, as well as UNDER THE STARS in the 9th paying $9.20. Another Grade B working favorite AIR FORCE RED won the 6th. We almost swept the card.


On Sat Jun 11, HTW BUSKER ALLIE flew from off the pace to win the 10th at $6.20. Several favorite workout pushes won other races and STORMING LADY with 2 recent decent works won the 4th paying $13.20.


On Sun Jun 5, we started our day with CONTINENTAL DIVIDE in the 2nd, with a recent Grade B- "under restraint while tugging early...striding out to the wire", winning and paying $45.00.  In the 6th CREATIVE PEAK, who had worked 2 good Grade B drills prior to her last race, won and paid $22.40, besting our sweet working F&R firster THORNE HOUSE, who ran 2nd @ 3-1, with the exacta paying $63.70.


On Sat Jun 4 in the 2nd, favorite and F&R lister BECCA TAYLOR started us off with a chalky win. Horse to Watch BESTRELLA (IRE) followed in the 3rd, winning and paying $19.60, and HTW LOV U MEAN IT kept it going in the 4th with an $8.40 win.


On Fri Jun 3 in the 4th, debuting MISSED CALL, with 2 Grade B works including one with the comment "final 1/4 in 23.3, a good work...should hit hard for a high priced maiden tag". He did indeed in a $50k maiden claimer, winning and paying $23.40. CURLY ESA, with 2 decent Grade B- works ran 2nd @ 4-1 with the exacta paying $47.70. Horse to Watch CLADDAGH CURE won the 8th race and paid $8.60.


HR had a great opening weekend of the Spring/Summer meet at Santa Anita. On Sat Apr 30, we had 4 horses from our Fit and Ready list win. STILLETO BOY won the Californian Stakes in the 6th race @ $6.00 beating an odds-on favorite. STANDING O won the 7th race as a double qualifier Fit and Ready and Horse to Watch paying $15.20. The double from races 6-7 paid $47.60. BLUE STRIPE (ARG) won the 10th race with extremely strong pushes paying $14.80, followed by BEYOND BRILLIANT wiring the 11th race @ $5.00. The double on races 10-11 paid $42.40. On Sun May 1, comebacker SILKEN PRINCE, with 5 increasingly improved Grade B- works, flew late to win the 6th race paying $14.20. In the 9th and final race, CANOODLING, with 2 Grade B drills, won and paid $9.60.


The changes on the report and subscription purchase screens have been completed. The screens may look different, but they function essentially the same for the User.  These changes are part of Handicapper's Report's ongoing commitment to maintain a secure and user-friendly online environment for our customers. 


Ignore the Card Code section of the Credit Card payment information. It is not required.


If your Credit Card had expired prior to the recent change (Apr 24 2022), you must enter a new payment credit card or your old one with the new expiration date.


If you have any problems associated with purchasing or downloading our products during this period, please email us at hradmin@hreport.com. We introduced the changes while Santa Anita is taking their Spring Break (Apr 22-29) to minimize any user issues.



The HTW and F&R winners keep coming, if not what we would like to see in prices with the short fields. On Sat Apr 2, we had 2 F&R listers, SUMTER in the 3rd and SHAAZ in the 8th. BEEF WINSLOW won the 1st as a HTW lister. While the prices were poor, it certainly doesn't hurt to have single pushes in the horizontal bets. On Fri Apr 1, we had one HTW winner in the 4th, MO CONNELLY, and a rather nice HTW exacta in the 8th, with ROSE MADDOX paying $21.60 to win and ALL DIALED IN running 2nd with the exacta paying $32.20.


Another nice weekend of winners for the HR Horses to Watch and Fit and Ready lists ending on Sun Mar 27. All 3 F&R listers scored on Sun as well as the sole HTW. In the 2nd race INDULGE had a B+ workout in which the shipper "looked super...a very good word for comebacker, who has been gelded off the layoff...seems ready to fire big off the bench". He paid $10.20 to win. ALLABOUTTHEMONEY paid $7.00 to win in the 4th and SET SAIL paid $6.00 in the 6th with ONE MORE BID, who had a Grade B+ workout since, and before, his last race finishing 2nd @ 15-1. The exacta paid $30.90. The 5th race was won by our lone HTW AUGUSTA MELODY paying $6.40. A bet on him was supported by a decent Grade B- workout since raced.


The SA track seems to be back to supporting better correlation between the morning workouts and the afternoon races.


On Sat Mar 26 F&R lister won paying $4.80 in the 2nd and HTW's GOING TO VEGAS in the 7th and CALIFORNIA STREET in the 8th both finished 2nd. On Fri Mar 25, double HTW and F&R lister VANZZY won nicely and paid $7.60, and our other HTW JUST ABOUT ENOUGH ran 2nd in the 1st race.


In the 1st race on Sun Mar 20, our Horse to Watch ABHITA produced a last to first run to win @ a bet down $8.00. Running 2nd was BARRISTER'S RIDE with a pair of Grade B- works since raced @ 7/2. The exacta paid $17.00. In the 8th race PARK AVENUE, the HR Fit and Ready lister with 3 Grade B works since raced and a B+ prior to last race wired the field paying $13.80. Running on 2nd was our HTW NEW HEAT @ 14-1, with the exacta returning $77.20.


On Sat Mar 19, we began the day in the 1st with a nice win by the comebacking Grade B worker SHES'A PERFECTLADY paying $16.60. After AFFABLE won the 5th race with 2 Grade B works paying $6.60, FREEDOM LASS won the 6th off a nice Grade B and 2 Grade B- works, in which "she finished well" in all 3 workouts. She paid $14.60 to win and the double paid $65.20. Finishing 2nd in the race was HTW GALLOVIE (GB) @ 11-1 with the exacta paying $84.00.


On Fri Mar 18 in the 2nd race, SIDEWAYS SUANCES, with 5 recent Grade B- workouts (with $20k maidens B- works can be decent indicators of good form), kicked away in upper stretch to score at $10.60. She also had the highest dirt route HR rating in the field. Generally, bottom maidens tend to run the same race each time out and are quite predictable in comparing ratings. HTW HOLLYWOODHELLRAISR finally made it to the winners circle in the 5th race.


On Fri Mar 11 in the 6th race, Fit and Ready lister POP POP'S DREAM ran 2nd @ 11-1 with a "vastly improved Grade B work" to the Grade B working EXCELERINA (IRE). The exacta paid $14.20. In the 8th race, Horse to Watch EVENING SUN (GB) won with a recent Grade B workout. We had said in the trip notes from his last race that the distance was too far for him. He shortened up and scored at $9.00.


Another double qualifier, Fit and Ready and Horses to Watch lister, won at SA on Sat Feb 26 in the 8th race. ELECTOR, drew off in a contentious field to win by open lengths paying $13.40.


On Fri Feb 18, the only Horses to Watch lister of the day, BENDER, was asked to run 1 1/8 miles in the 3rd race. We wanted him to run farther than the mile race he had returned in from his short vacation. In a B- workout on Feb 12 we also added in his comment that it was a "decent work for the gelding, who should be at his best at nine furlongs or further". He was indeed at his best scoring at $67.60 to win.


On Sat Feb 12, our Fit and Ready list contributed two winners on the card, EQUILOVE (IRE) in the 3rd @ $5.20 and COVER ME UP in the 8th @ $10.60. Not great prices, but with the small, marginally competitive fields, singles are important for the horizontal bets. We did have decent winners with Grade B- works in CHARGES DROPPED in the 1st @ $9.80 and STOIC LUNA in the 2nd @ $16.80.


On Fri Feb 11, we had a bit of a rarity with an exacta consisting of a HTW and a F&R. In the 3rd, the winner was a bet down HTW SMUGGLER'S RUN @ $5.20. The Fit and Ready lister MOOSE MITCHELL ran 2nd @ 13-1 with the exacta paying $20.30.


On Sat Jan 29, we had a nice day from our Fit and Ready and Horses to Watch lists at Santa Anita. In the 4th, FORBIDDEN KINGDOM scored decidedly as a Fit and Ready lister at $9.80. In the 5th race HTW SHE'S GOT A WAY made the same looping effort in the turn that put her on the list, but continued her run this time to win going away @ $11.40. In the 9th our 2 HTW listers ran 1-2 with PAMMY'S READY paying $14.20 to win and DUVET DAY (IRE) dead heating for 2nd @ 5-1 with the exacta paying $20.90.


At Gulfstream Park in the Pegasus Cup, it appeared our Fit and Ready lister STILLETO BOY was going to finish 2nd for a nice exacta @ 26-1 with a huge move on the final turn, but was outrun at the wire by the favorite.



Despite the craziness of the opening weekend of SA and the threatening weather, the HR clockers produced 1 nice price per day of horses from the Fit and Ready list. On Sunday Jan 26, EXPRESS TRAIN won the 6th paying $16.40, and on Monday Jan 27 VANTASTIC closed from the clouds to win the 5th race turf sprint at $12.00.


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