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The Feb subscriptions start on Fri Feb 1 and run through Sun Feb 28. The Feb Subscriptions are available for purchase now in your User Accounts.


The following are the double digit winners in the first 3 weeks of January at Santa Anita pushed by our clockers. Note that we have included Grade B- workers where appropriate since they often are the best workers in lower rated races and in turf races where horses are not allowed to work on turf:


Jan 24 Race 4 MISS KITNESS Grade B- Final 1/4 in 23.3 $40.40

Jan 24 R6 GREGORIAN CHANT (GB) Grade B $23.00

Jan 23 R1 CHASIN MUNNY Grade B $11.60

Jan 23 R6 SHADOW SPHINX Grade B- Decent for new trainer $11.80

Jan 22 R3 COLOSI 2 Grade B- $11.60

Jan 18 R1 BECCA TAYLOR Grade B- $10.40

Jan 17 R1 BELLA D 7 Grade B- $10.60

Jan 17 R9 WITCH'S VOW 2 Grade B- prior last race $78.80

Jan 16 R1 POLICY 3 Grade B doing well of late $27.40

                  DESMOND DOSS Grade B ran 2nd exacta $235.20

Jan 16 R9 BRICKYARD RIDE Grade B+ Tab for a huge effort $11.80

Jan 16 R10 SQUARED SHADY Grade B- $17.20

Jan 15 R6 GOTTA BE LUCKY 2 Grade B- $13.20

Jan 10 R7 NICE ICE Grade B- $13.20

Jan 10 R9 FIVE PICS PLEASE 4 Grade B- $60.40

Jan 9 R1 COMRADERY (IRE) 4 Grade B- $14.40

Jan 9 R8 Fit and Ready SANENUS (CHI) Grade B+ $17.00

                 MISS STORMY D Grade B ran 2nd exacta $94.80

Jan 9 R8 CHARMAINE'S MIA Grade B+ $35.40 Double $163.60

Jan 8 R5 MAC DADDY TOO 2 Grade B- $20.00

Jan 8 R7 BORDER TOWN 2 Grade B $10.60

Jan 3 R1 OFFSHORE AFFAIR 3 Grade B- $10.20

Jan 3 R6 ROMAN CENTURIAN Grade B prior last race $17.40

Jan 2 R6 TIZAMAGICIAN 3 Grade B $10.60

Jan 1 R1 Horse to Watch GOALIE 3 Grade B- $10/60

Jan 1 R5 I GOT NO MUNNY Grade B $12.40

Jan 1 R6 CATEMACO 2 Grade B- $30.60

Jan 1 R8 LET'S REJOYCE 2 Grade B- $17.00

Dec 31 R5 ST HELENA 2 Grade B- $31.00


Obviously, there were many, many more winners under $10 during this period. A super opening few weeks at Santa Anita.


Two nice priced workout winners on Opening Day. In the 1st race, AVENUE DE FRANCE (FR) had a Grade B work of the kind we like, giving nothing away. She clocked a slow final time of 49.3, but "under a big hold, able to go faster, a good work, much better than it appears on paper". She closed nicely along the rail to get up paying $14.20.


In the 6th race over the new extended turf sprint course, HIGHLY DISTORTED went wire to wire paying $24.80 after working well over the deep main track, receiving a Grade B for being "full of run late..., final 1/4 in 23.4, galloping out with energy, a good work for the gray, who was gelded before his big comeback win".


On Sun Dec 27, in the 1st, our Horse to Watch CASSIE BELLE won relatively easily paying $10.40. In the 8th, first time starter and Fit and Ready lister THE CHOSEN VRON won like a very good thing by 6 3/4 lengths paying a bet down $6.00.


Golden Gate is still shut down and may remain so for some time with the extent of the epidemic they are facing on the backstretch. Many of the horses are shipping to So Cal and providing full fields, even at Los Al. There are rumors of extra days of racing at SA because of this abnormal situation.


We have been accumulating workouts in our database since Sat Dec 12 to provide a sizable set of recent works for Opening Day and beyond.


Our morning clocking has produced the best results in the afternoon within recent memory. Every meet has resulted in strong pushes with great prices, and even the marginal races have shown great profits with horses that were simply working better than the other entries in the race.


Another bomber at Los Al on Dec 17. In the 4th race BILLY K with a recent Grade B- workout at SA with the comment: "went well in this early a.m. half-mile move, opening 1/4 in 24.3, not asked in 48.3, galloping out down to the 7/8 pole in 102.3, a decent work for sure." He went to the lead and pulled away to win easily paying $33.20. The double from our best worker in the 3rd race COJO paid $207.00. The exacta from the favorite paid $70.40.


It was our intent to take the Los Al meet off to recoup as usual, especially since prior meets showed almost no correlation between works at other tracks and Los Al.  However, we will post the remainder of the Los Al races this week because of the amazing results that are so different from other meets there, again with our works showing real correlation with afternoon results. The works will be free this week at Los Al for DM Fall Plan 1 subscribers and SA Dec Jan subscribers.



If you were willing to open up your first Pick 5 a bit on Sat Nov 14 at Del Mar with HR info, you were compensated royally. The combination of Horses to Watch and Grade B and B- workers would have taken down the whole enchilada for $29,948.20. In the 1st race, HTW lister SUPERSTITION aired as the favorite at $4.20. The 2nd race wasn't so easy. CAUSEIDIDITMYWAY (Frank Sinatra's and my song) broke from the outside post going a mile with lousy form, but 3 recent Grade B- works, including 2 at Del Mar gave some reasonable hope. He was facing some marginal runners and wasn't the worst longshot in the world. Well, he paid $106.20 to win and the dream of a monster hit was activated. The 3rd race featured some decent horses, but one lone front runner ROCKING REDHEAD who had some stick issues, but had 4 recent Grade B- works from HR. She had thrown in a C+ in her final tune up, but as we have often mentioned here, the last work before a race can be a throw away by the trainer who has a horse ready to go, and a negative should be ignored. She took 'em wire to wire paying $33.40. The 4th race featured 2 good workers who ran 1-2, with PUBILIUS SYRUS winning @ $7.40 with a Grade B- "seems to be maintaining his good current form" and a Grade B "smoked by his...workmate in 46.3"


All that remained was the fateful 5th race. Nothing stood out, but DEL MAR FLASH had 2 horrible works at Santa Anita followed by 2 most recent works at Del Mar showing marked improvement with Grade B- drills. He stuck his nose in front at the last moment paying $18.40. More importantly, he triggered the $29K+ Pick 5, and in case you didn't use the favorite in the 1st race, the pick 4 paid 21,773.10.


But we weren't done yet on the day. Our HTW won the 6th @ $5.00 and the 9th race returned another monster payoff, although admittedly a bit more muted than the initial Pick 5. Our HTW MOVING FAST won paying $19.20 and finishing 2nd @ 18-1 was BIG FLINT with no less than 7 Grade B- works leading up to his debut. He paid $17.80 to place and the exacta paid $151.30 for $1. Certainly a meet maker kind of day.



A great day on Sun Oct 18 at SA for HR info. The last pick 5 started with Race 6, which featured a horse on our Ratings Report that had recorded a 108 performance rating from her last race. Since no other horse selection in the race had EVER run over 100 sprinting on dirt, the vaunted Single was trotted out and was justified as HANDSOME CAT ran by late to win easily paying $5.00. In the 7th race we had been tracking a filly SAVVY GAL recently that had seemingly been turning it around in the morning on the training track. We had recorded a work that didn't appear flashy, but our clocker saw through the slowish final time to give her a Grade B with the comment: "full of run late in 49.0, a good work, the best we have seen from her in quite a while". That was a final 1/4 in 23. 3, the kind we look for folks. She ran them down smartly to light up the pick 5 with a $27.40 mutuel.


The winner of Race 8 was KALYPSO, wire to wire easily with a Grade B workout and a spot on our Horses to Watch list paying $11.60.


Race 9 was won by the favorite SMOOTH LIKE STRAIT at $4.60, who qualified doubly with the highest performance routing on turf and 2 recent Grade B works, with the comment: "finishing up well, a good work up to the Twilight Derby". The final race featured our Fit and Ready lister PRIVATE MISSION, who "finished like a freight train... and should be tough in her debut". She coasted home the easiest kind of winner paying $4.00. The pick 5 paid $1,040.25. Not bad for 3 easy favorites.


Since the beginning of the SA Autumn meet, HR has had 9 Horses to Watch win, including the following decent prices:


Oct 12, R6, LITTLE JUANITO, $11.00

Oct 9, R7, TIZHOTNDUSTY, $21.80

Oct 3, R7, RUNSNAPPY, $23.20

Oct 2, R8, STELLAR SOUND, $9.20


In addition the HR clockers have been extremely accurate in identifying the good workers, often at a price, and just as importantly, telling us which of the first time starters can't run as well as knocking heavy favorites that haven't justified their low prices in their morning workouts. It has been a very successful meet thus far and we look forward to closing it out with a florish as we prepare to travel down to Del Mar for the Fall meet there, and cover the shippers to the Breeders Cup at Keeneland on Nov 6 and 7.


The Del Mar Summer Meet was extremely successful for the HR info, in particular the Clocker Reports, that gave out many high priced horses. The lists will be posted soon. Thanks to all of our customers who stuck with us despite the unusual circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 situation. Hopefully you were rewarded using our strong information, including our first time starters and comebackers, all meet long.


Opening weekend HR results at Del Mar:

Sun Jul 12

  Good push winners  

     Race 4 FOOTHILL, Horses to Watch and Fit and Ready list $14.80

     Race 1 GOOD WITH PEOPLE, Grade B, $8.00

     Race 7 WHAT'S UP SURFER, Grade B, $7.80

     Race 9 P R RADIO STAR, Grade B, $9.60 (12-1 ML)

  Gentle push winners

     Race 6 CORDIALITY, Grade B-, $18.40

     Race 8 CARPE VINUM, Grade B-, $15.80

     Race 10 OSTINI, Grade B-, $28.40

  Hopefully, some of our customers put the good and gentle pushes together to nail the late pick 5 for $31,725.50.


Sat Jul 11

  Good push winners

     Race 1 OCTOPUS, Grade B, $5.00

     Race 6 SPEEDY JUSTICE, Grade B+, $3.80

     Race 10 RESARCIO, Grade B, $16.00

   Gentle push winners

     Race 7 LIL SYDNEY, Grade B-, $10.00

     Race 8 BOB AND JACKIE, Grade B-, $18.40

     Race 9 TEACHERS BIG DREAM, Grade B-, $20.60

  Again, the late pick 5 of our good and gentle pushes won, but "only" paid $5,497.55.

  Another feature on Sat was the Race 4 performance of VIAZAR, who had a Grade B prior to her debut race and a B- since raced, with the comment "can improve with racing". She ran 2nd @ 53-1 with the exacta from one of the figure horses paying $203.60.


Fri Jul 10

  Good push winners

     Race 3 RAYRAY, Fit and Ready lister, $6.20

     Race 4 CALI CALIENTE, Horse to Watch lister and Grade B-, $21.20

     Race 8 ST. JOE BAY, Grade B, $7.00

     Race 9 (Oceanside Stakes) HIT THE ROAD, Grade B, $5.20 and 2nd KANDEREL, Grade B, exacta $28.10.   

Gentle push winners

     Race 1 SECRET TOUCH, Grade B-, $6.00

     Race 5 POLAR WIND, Grade B- prior to race, $22.40

     Race 7 MAXIM RATE, Grade B-, $8.40



Del Mar opens on Fri July 10 for a 9 week run through Mon Sep 7. They will only run 3 days a week, Friday to Sunday plus Labor Day Monday. However, there will be more races per day. Therefore, HR will have fewer race days when we sell our daily reports that cover our expenses, which continue during the week, regardless of how many racing days there are. As a result, our daily reports will become $10 per day, which is still the best bargain in racing, with the lowest price for easily the best quality information.


On Sat the 4th of Jul at Los Al, HR best working favorites won the 1st, 3rd, 4th (Fit and Ready), and 6th races. The day was capped off with our Grade B worker EKKLESIA winning and paying $26.40.


On the first Sunday of the Los Al meet on Jun 28, our subscribers who received the clocker reports for free were given the 2 HR workers who received Grade B workouts at Santa Anita in the featured Race 8. DIVA IN CHARGE paid $17.00 to win as she ran down MISS TOKYO @ 16-1. The exacta paid $74.00.


On the final day of the SA meet, the HR clockers produced another great price on a first time starter. In the 3rd race, WESTON's last 3 workouts were all Grade B's with the HR comments "has improved every time we have seen him", "a good work for a two-year-old" and "outworked his older mate and seems to have ability". He went to the front, put away his pace rivals and won clear paying a super $45.20.


Another Sunday at Santa Anita with top notch HR workout information on Jun 7. The winners started right off in the first race with Fit and Ready lister HOLY GHOST paying $9.40 to win. In the 6th race UNBROKEN STAR with 2 nice Grade B works prior to his last race got up at the wire to win @ $35.40. MAJESTIC GIGI, with a good Grade B work, won the 7th @ $7.80 as the favorite, as did MCKINZIE with a Grade A- in the 8th. The Pick 4 was closed out by ANNA FANTASTIC, with 2 Grade B works back in April tipping off the good try. She paid $42.00 to win with the Pick 4 paying $1609.70.


More great results at Santa Anita for the final weekend of May. On Sat May 30 in the 9th race, Horse to Watch REPROBATE got his chance on turf as we suggested for him and flew late to score at $16.80. On Sun May 31, in the featured stakes race, Fit and Ready lister FIGHTING MAD took the lead and made every step a winning one paying $22.20. Other price winners with Grade B workouts included SEVEN SCENTS in the 4th @ $9.60 and AGAMEMNON in the 5th @ $14.00. In the 6th favorite RAKASSAH (IRE) won @ 4.20 with a Grade B and SWEET AND CHEEKY, also with a Grade B work, ran 2nd @ 11-1 returning an exacta of $17.20.


Another huge combination Fit and Ready/Horses to Watch lists winner on Fri May 22 at Santa Anita in the 8th race. TAKE THE ONE O ONE with a Grade A- in his work on Mon in which he earned the clocker comments: "absolutely full of run...striding out huge to the wire in a sparkling 22.4...on edge for a monster performance", set sail out of the gate and wired the field paying $16.60. Our Horses to Watch list had pointed out the horrendous trip ONE O ONE had experienced in his previous race affording him no chance.


Opening weekend of the Re-Opened Santa Anita Spring/Summer meet was a huge success for Handicapper's Report information. On Saturday and Sunday May 16 and 17, we had 5 Fit and Ready list winners and 3 Horses to Watch list winners. Big price winners included F&R AX MAN in the 4th on Sat paying $12.20 and REGAL BEAUTY in the 7th on Sun @ $25.40. Future star COLLUSION ILLUSION paid $7.40 in the 6th on Sun and AFFIANCED in the 3rd on Sat and BELLAFINA in the 8th on Sun won as big favorites.

The big payoff from the HTW runners was in the 9th on Sun when HARPER'S GALLOP won and paid $8.00 with ZUCCHERA running 2nd @34-1. The HTW exacta paid $153.20. DOGTAG daylighted the 7th race field on Sat paying $7.40, as did BUD KNIGHT in the 5th on Sun @ $4.80. On Sat HTW EASTERN OCEAN was much the best in the 9th as he took up down the backstretch then was intimidated in deep stretch to finish 2nd @ 14-1. An objection was lodged, but the Stewards ruled he wasn't cost a position. Tough result for the HR faithful. Altogether a nice restart to the local racing scene with a lot of pent up useful information. It should continue well into the rest of the meet because of the store of unique info in our database from the shutdown.



It was a day that made our Shutdown Clocker Subscriptions for CA shippers more than worthwhile at Oaklawn Park on Sat Apr 18. The featured Apple Blossom Handicap included 2 CA shippers on our Daily Clocker Report. OLLIE'S CANDY, a Fit and Ready lister with a strong Grade B+ work, was trained by John Sadler and ridden by Joel Rosario from the 1 hole at 7-1. CE CE, with a nice recent Grade B work, was stuck on the far outside for Michael McCarthy with Victor Espinoza up at 3.9-1. Rosario sent OLLIE'S from the get go and had a nice lead into the stretch, while Espinoza had to circle the field to run at the leader. CE CE caught OLLIE'S in the last stride with a rush with the exacta paying $35.90 for $1. Could have been better for HR the other way around, but we aren't crying.



While we await the decision to resume racing at Santa Anita, HR is in a unique position to collect truly private workout information during the suspension period. All unlicensed personnel are barred from the track premises, including private clockers without other licensed affiliations at the track. Our clockers have not only licenses, but the best horse ID's to report on the great majority of active workers. In addition, our workout comments have many handicapping tips that are exclusive to HR. We have chosen to continue active workout reporting during the racing shutdown, which will provide an exclusive handicapping edge when racing resumes. 



March racing at Santa Anita has produced a number of winners, but a couple of Saturdays had spectacular results for the HR information. On Mar 21 we had 3 HTW winners and 2 F&R winners including AVALON RIDE in the 3rd race who was a dual HTW and F&R lister paying a super $21.20. F&R lister CISTON paid $10.80 in the 5th. Other list winners were ORDER AND LAW in the 6th and TACO WACO in the 8th. There were also 2 HTW winners on Sun Mar 22, AUDACE in the 3rd and FABOZZI in the 5th.


On Mar 7, we had a meet type of day, with 4 Fit and Ready winners and 2 Horses to Watch winners. The winners didn't stop there as there were some other monsters as well. In the 2nd race the first time starter DROP THE CHALUPA, with 2 recent Grade B works with the comment "has progressed with each work" closed wide to run down our F&R lister AMERICAN CODE  to score paying $35.80 with the exacta paying $43.00. In the 3rd race, our 3 Fit and Ready listers ran 1-2-3, with the winner WOKE UP TO ACES, "tab for a good effort", paying $17.20, and firster NAVETTA finishing 2nd @ 12-1 and firster AFFIANCED running 3rd with the exacta paying $106.70 and the tri paying $179.10. F&R and HTW  lister FLAGSTAFF won the 4th, F&R's GAMINE and REEM ran 1-2 in the 6th, WARREN'S SHOWTIME, with 2 Grade B's, won the 7th @ $8.00 and F&R AUTHENTIC aired in the 8th. HTW SHE'S OUR CHARM kept our streak alive in the 9th with an $11.60 win. In the 10th, COMBATANT, with a strong Grade B work, closed out HR's dominance of the card after his barnmate and our Fit and Ready lister Gift Box was scratched. COMBATANT won and paid $21.20. Doesn't get much better than that.


We have had many, many Horses to Watch and Fit and Ready winners since the beginning of the Santa Anita meet. However, the prices have been nothing to brag about with the short fields and lack of quality. 


Maybe we are finally seeing a return to the more normal good prices that our weekly HTW and F&R lists produce. On Sat Feb 15 in the 2nd race, MONGOLIAN SUNRISE won as a Fit and Ready lister and paid $20.40. On Mon Feb 17 in the 5th race, LOUD MOUTH had 2 decent Grade B- works recently and flew home under Rosario to win and pay $35.40. On Sat Feb 22 KEEPER OFTHE STARS made the first move on a stakes field and held on as a Horse to Watch paying an enormous $74.20. On Sun Feb 23, the winners continued despite no bombers. In Race 4, HTW MURAD KHAN (FR) won as the favorite and F&R lister BRANDOTHEBARTENDER completed the exacta. The final race of the day was won by a fast closing PROUD PEDRO (FR) paying $8.60 as an HTW.


We will try out a manual system of subscription renewal for those that normally would prefer to avoid the bother of re-signing up every month.  If you would prefer to handle your subscription that way, just email Steve McDonald at hradmin@hreport.com and let me know.  I will personally renew you manually and send you a notice each month.


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