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HR had a great opening weekend of the Spring/Summer meet at Santa Anita. On Sat Apr 30, we had 4 horses from our Fit and Ready list win. STILLETO BOY won the Californian Stakes in the 6th race @ $6.00 beating an odds-on favorite. STANDING O won the 7th race as a double qualifier Fit and Ready and Horse to Watch paying $15.20. The double from races 6-7 paid $47.60. BLUE STRIPE (ARG) won the 10th race with extremely strong pushes paying $14.80, followed by BEYOND BRILLIANT wiring the 11th race @ $5.00. The double on races 10-11 paid $42.40. On Sun May 1, comebacker SILKEN PRINCE, with 5 increasingly improved Grade B- works, flew late to win the 6th race paying $14.20. In the 9th and final race, CANOODLING, with 2 Grade B drills, won and paid $9.60.


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The HTW and F&R winners keep coming, if not what we would like to see in prices with the short fields. On Sat Apr 2, we had 2 F&R listers, SUMTER in the 3rd and SHAAZ in the 8th. BEEF WINSLOW won the 1st as a HTW lister. While the prices were poor, it certainly doesn't hurt to have single pushes in the horizontal bets. On Fri Apr 1, we had one HTW winner in the 4th, MO CONNELLY, and a rather nice HTW exacta in the 8th, with ROSE MADDOX paying $21.60 to win and ALL DIALED IN running 2nd with the exacta paying $32.20.


Another nice weekend of winners for the HR Horses to Watch and Fit and Ready lists ending on Sun Mar 27. All 3 F&R listers scored on Sun as well as the sole HTW. In the 2nd race INDULGE had a B+ workout in which the shipper "looked super...a very good word for comebacker, who has been gelded off the layoff...seems ready to fire big off the bench". He paid $10.20 to win. ALLABOUTTHEMONEY paid $7.00 to win in the 4th and SET SAIL paid $6.00 in the 6th with ONE MORE BID, who had a Grade B+ workout since, and before, his last race finishing 2nd @ 15-1. The exacta paid $30.90. The 5th race was won by our lone HTW AUGUSTA MELODY paying $6.40. A bet on him was supported by a decent Grade B- workout since raced.


The SA track seems to be back to supporting better correlation between the morning workouts and the afternoon races.


On Sat Mar 26 F&R lister won paying $4.80 in the 2nd and HTW's GOING TO VEGAS in the 7th and CALIFORNIA STREET in the 8th both finished 2nd. On Fri Mar 25, double HTW and F&R lister VANZZY won nicely and paid $7.60, and our other HTW JUST ABOUT ENOUGH ran 2nd in the 1st race.


In the 1st race on Sun Mar 20, our Horse to Watch ABHITA produced a last to first run to win @ a bet down $8.00. Running 2nd was BARRISTER'S RIDE with a pair of Grade B- works since raced @ 7/2. The exacta paid $17.00. In the 8th race PARK AVENUE, the HR Fit and Ready lister with 3 Grade B works since raced and a B+ prior to last race wired the field paying $13.80. Running on 2nd was our HTW NEW HEAT @ 14-1, with the exacta returning $77.20.


On Sat Mar 19, we began the day in the 1st with a nice win by the comebacking Grade B worker SHES'A PERFECTLADY paying $16.60. After AFFABLE won the 5th race with 2 Grade B works paying $6.60, FREEDOM LASS won the 6th off a nice Grade B and 2 Grade B- works, in which "she finished well" in all 3 workouts. She paid $14.60 to win and the double paid $65.20. Finishing 2nd in the race was HTW GALLOVIE (GB) @ 11-1 with the exacta paying $84.00.


On Fri Mar 18 in the 2nd race, SIDEWAYS SUANCES, with 5 recent Grade B- workouts (with $20k maidens B- works can be decent indicators of good form), kicked away in upper stretch to score at $10.60. She also had the highest dirt route HR rating in the field. Generally, bottom maidens tend to run the same race each time out and are quite predictable in comparing ratings. HTW HOLLYWOODHELLRAISR finally made it to the winners circle in the 5th race.


On Fri Mar 11 in the 6th race, Fit and Ready lister POP POP'S DREAM ran 2nd @ 11-1 with a "vastly improved Grade B work" to the Grade B working EXCELERINA (IRE). The exacta paid $14.20. In the 8th race, Horse to Watch EVENING SUN (GB) won with a recent Grade B workout. We had said in the trip notes from his last race that the distance was too far for him. He shortened up and scored at $9.00.


Another double qualifier, Fit and Ready and Horses to Watch lister, won at SA on Sat Feb 26 in the 8th race. ELECTOR, drew off in a contentious field to win by open lengths paying $13.40.


On Fri Feb 18, the only Horses to Watch lister of the day, BENDER, was asked to run 1 1/8 miles in the 3rd race. We wanted him to run farther than the mile race he had returned in from his short vacation. In a B- workout on Feb 12 we also added in his comment that it was a "decent work for the gelding, who should be at his best at nine furlongs or further". He was indeed at his best scoring at $67.60 to win.


On Sat Feb 12, our Fit and Ready list contributed two winners on the card, EQUILOVE (IRE) in the 3rd @ $5.20 and COVER ME UP in the 8th @ $10.60. Not great prices, but with the small, marginally competitive fields, singles are important for the horizontal bets. We did have decent winners with Grade B- works in CHARGES DROPPED in the 1st @ $9.80 and STOIC LUNA in the 2nd @ $16.80.


On Fri Feb 11, we had a bit of a rarity with an exacta consisting of a HTW and a F&R. In the 3rd, the winner was a bet down HTW SMUGGLER'S RUN @ $5.20. The Fit and Ready lister MOOSE MITCHELL ran 2nd @ 13-1 with the exacta paying $20.30.


On Sat Jan 29, we had a nice day from our Fit and Ready and Horses to Watch lists at Santa Anita. In the 4th, FORBIDDEN KINGDOM scored decidedly as a Fit and Ready lister at $9.80. In the 5th race HTW SHE'S GOT A WAY made the same looping effort in the turn that put her on the list, but continued her run this time to win going away @ $11.40. In the 9th our 2 HTW listers ran 1-2 with PAMMY'S READY paying $14.20 to win and DUVET DAY (IRE) dead heating for 2nd @ 5-1 with the exacta paying $20.90.


At Gulfstream Park in the Pegasus Cup, it appeared our Fit and Ready lister STILLETO BOY was going to finish 2nd for a nice exacta @ 26-1 with a huge move on the final turn, but was outrun at the wire by the favorite.



Despite the craziness of the opening weekend of SA and the threatening weather, the HR clockers produced 1 nice price per day of horses from the Fit and Ready list. On Sunday Jan 26, EXPRESS TRAIN won the 6th paying $16.40, and on Monday Jan 27 VANTASTIC closed from the clouds to win the 5th race turf sprint at $12.00.


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