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Mobile Clocker Report fixed for Fri Nov 25 at 9:20 PM. Please re-download if you got the wrong file before that time.


For the second week in a row, HR delivered with 3 Horses to Watch in one day. On Sun Nov 21, we had Horses to Watch in 3 races and 3 winners. In the 1st race, RIFEY flew from last late to score a $10.20 victory. In the 8th race, the featured Calbred Stakes, PRINCIPE CARLO, improved his comeback run as expected as an HTW paying $39.00 to win and keying a Pick 4 of $359.35 with 3 favorites in the other 3 races. One of those favorites in the last race was BUZZ OF NEW YORK (IRE) who scored as the 3rd HR HTW of the day paying $6.80.


The day before on Sat Nov 20, in the 1st race, our HTW ENCROACHMENT won and paid $12.60, while in the 6th race, the talented first time starter EMPIRE GAL "outworked  an older horse and definitely can run" in a Grade B morning spin. She paid a bet down $15.60.


7 Horses to Watch winners in 2 weekends at very nice prices.


It was HR Horses to Watch Day at Del Mar on Sat Nov 13. We had HTW horses running in 3 races. In the 3rd race, HTW PRIMER DIMER, ridden by Jessica Pyfer on her last day as an apprentice, descended out of the sky to win going away at $103.40. In the 6th race, HTW ISSA COURT mowed down the favorite paying a paltry $7.60. Juan Hernandez then gave us the HTW double in the 7th race with KID CORLEONE, wiring the field to the tune of $31.20. The double paid $153.40.


The Santa Anita Autumn meet continued our super results with high priced pushes from our clockers. A summary of results will be posted shortly.


The Del Mar season was a grand success for HR information, in particular for great prices on workout information. Hope everyone was able to take advantage of many of our strong pushes. After the SA Autumn meeting, we get to revisit the site of our summer triumphs at Del Mar for the Fall meeting and the Breeders Cup. Thanks for your support in making it all possible. Steve McDonald


HR info produced the Early Pick 5 on Fri Jun 11 at SA paying $4,946.25. Our 3 Horses to Watch during the sequence won the 1st race (BET ON MOOKIE @ $3.40), 3rd race (VELLA @ $9.20) and 5th race (SNAZZY DRESSER @ $6.20). Our best worker won the 2nd race (SILVER MOON ROAD, Grade B @ $7.60) and our best worker won the 4th race (STONE'S RIVER, Grade B- @ $62.40). Nice payoff for a slam dunk group of selections.


When you add the winner of the 6th race, BIG AL'S PRINCESS, with the highest performance rating from our Ratings Report @ $23.40, and the Grade B workout winners of the 7th and 8th races (HARBORED MEMORIES @ $5.80) and (first time starter ACTIVE ACCOUNT @ $6.60), HR swept the card. The late Pick 5 paid $7,513.80.


If you are a Pick 6 player, that payoff was $11,078.92. A day to be remembered. 


On Sun Apr 18 in the 6th race, our clockers scored with a strong recommendation on a comebacker that we suggested should try the turf. UNCLE ADDOUMA had 3 good works receiving this same push including the comment "has a turfy way of moving, we would like to see him try that surface". He blasted a field of maidens paying $41.40 to win. In the 7th race, MUCHO DEL ORO had a recent Grade B workout with the comment "a vastly improved, good work". He paid $23.00 to win. The 8th race featured some crack sprinters in a small field, but with the strong appearance that there would be a pace duel. Enter the classy, expensive Baffert comebacker CEZANNE with several good Grade B workouts, who gobbled up the intense pacesetters to win going away @ $5.80. The Pick 4 ended in the 9th race with a turf sprint for NW1X 3 yo fillies, including SWEETEST ANGEL, who was dropping out of a stakes in which she set a fast pace. She also had a recent Grade B- work with the comment "could wait no longer and breezed right on by her mate, never turned loose, clear at the wire in 103.3, a decent work, better than it would appear on paper". Despite steadying on the turn, she pulled away at the wire, paying $30 to win, triggering an HR Pick 4 of $9,123.90.

HR Clocker Reports knock well bet horses. Sun Apr 4 SA good examples. 4th race PAYNTER'S LOVE, bet to 3-1, HR had 2 recent works, C and C- "pass for sure", ran 3rd. Race 7 ON MARS, 9-5 favorite, 2 C+ works, finished last, GO BIG NATION, 2 B- works, won, paid $38.40.
Ak derby card ca shippers clocker report available at www.hreport.com. 5 Fit and Ready List runners on card.
Santa Anita Derby Day, 11th race winner QUIET SECRETARY paying $24.00, an HR Grade B+ work: "worked super…should do much better stretching back out". SA Derby winner ROCK YOUR WORLD paying $12.40, 2 recent HR Grade B works proving he liked the SA dirt despite only on turf prior.


On Santa Anita Derby Day, HR pushed the P6 on the must payout day. While it hardly broke records paying $741.44, it wasn't that easy to have without the 11th race winner QUIET SECRETARY paying $24.00 after an HR Grade B+ work in which she "worked super...not asked a drop...should do much better stretching back out", and without SA Derby winner ROCK YOUR WORLD paying $12.40 with 2 recent HR Grade B works proving he liked the SA dirt despite excelling only on turf prior to his wire to wire romp in the Derby. RIP CITY had decent works to justify his win in the Pick 6, but was more importantly a qualifier based on being a resident of the Horses to Watch List.


Friday Mar 12 at Santa Anita demonstrated a couple of reasons for using Handicapper's Report Clocker Reports over others (in addition to being the most inexpensive).


Our clocking reports often contain handicapping tips that supplement the pure timing information. Anyone can read a stopwatch (actually some not very accurately), but using that info to translate to what it might mean in the afternoon performance of a worker requires dedication and skill. A perfect example occurred in the 3rd race on Mar 12. IPPODAMIA'S GIRL had a recent work on Feb 19 that was rated a Grade B by our clockers with the comment "looked good late, final furlong in 11.3 (of a relatively slow 101.2 drill), a good work for the normally indifferent worker". In a previous drill we had also mentioned that she had "a decent work for the often indifferent workmare for her new trainer. Another little indication to take a better look at the work.

She popped in her comeback off a 16 month layoff in a new barn paying $16.00 to win.


In the 8th race, CANADIAN PRIDE had recent workouts that included the following comments: "decent move for the gray who is better around one turn". Grade B-. "finishing up the work well in 59.1, galloping out down to the 7/8 pole in 112.1, a good work...may go back to one turn". Won sprinting and paid $7.40. Oh, and BTW, 'PRIDE was a Horse to Watch for HR.


The other example of how to use our clocker reports is to compare lesser working horses in lower class races to ferret out who might be doing well relative to the others in the race. In the 1st race on Fri, MISS FLAWLESS (FR) had worked a Grade B-, decent work on Mar 1, and none of the other workers that we had caught had shown any signs in their latest work that they were approaching a big race. One other horse had shown a decent work back on Feb 12, but at 26-1 MISS FLAWLESS (FR) was the obvious choice for a value bet. She paid $55.80 to win.


The following are the double digit winners in the first 3 weeks of January at Santa Anita pushed by our clockers. Note that we have included Grade B- workers where appropriate since they often are the best workers in lower rated races and in turf races where horses are not allowed to work on turf:


Jan 24 Race 4 MISS KITNESS Grade B- Final 1/4 in 23.3 $40.40

Jan 24 R6 GREGORIAN CHANT (GB) Grade B $23.00

Jan 23 R1 CHASIN MUNNY Grade B $11.60

Jan 23 R6 SHADOW SPHINX Grade B- Decent for new trainer $11.80

Jan 22 R3 COLOSI 2 Grade B- $11.60

Jan 18 R1 BECCA TAYLOR Grade B- $10.40

Jan 17 R1 BELLA D 7 Grade B- $10.60

Jan 17 R9 WITCH'S VOW 2 Grade B- prior last race $78.80

Jan 16 R1 POLICY 3 Grade B doing well of late $27.40

                  DESMOND DOSS Grade B ran 2nd exacta $235.20

Jan 16 R9 BRICKYARD RIDE Grade B+ Tab for a huge effort $11.80

Jan 16 R10 SQUARED SHADY Grade B- $17.20

Jan 15 R6 GOTTA BE LUCKY 2 Grade B- $13.20

Jan 10 R7 NICE ICE Grade B- $13.20

Jan 10 R9 FIVE PICS PLEASE 4 Grade B- $60.40

Jan 9 R1 COMRADERY (IRE) 4 Grade B- $14.40

Jan 9 R8 Fit and Ready SANENUS (CHI) Grade B+ $17.00

                 MISS STORMY D Grade B ran 2nd exacta $94.80

Jan 9 R8 CHARMAINE'S MIA Grade B+ $35.40 Double $163.60

Jan 8 R5 MAC DADDY TOO 2 Grade B- $20.00

Jan 8 R7 BORDER TOWN 2 Grade B $10.60

Jan 3 R1 OFFSHORE AFFAIR 3 Grade B- $10.20

Jan 3 R6 ROMAN CENTURIAN Grade B prior last race $17.40

Jan 2 R6 TIZAMAGICIAN 3 Grade B $10.60

Jan 1 R1 Horse to Watch GOALIE 3 Grade B- $10/60

Jan 1 R5 I GOT NO MUNNY Grade B $12.40

Jan 1 R6 CATEMACO 2 Grade B- $30.60

Jan 1 R8 LET'S REJOYCE 2 Grade B- $17.00

Dec 31 R5 ST HELENA 2 Grade B- $31.00


Obviously, there were many, many more winners under $10 during this period. A super opening few weeks at Santa Anita.


Two nice priced workout winners on Opening Day. In the 1st race, AVENUE DE FRANCE (FR) had a Grade B work of the kind we like, giving nothing away. She clocked a slow final time of 49.3, but "under a big hold, able to go faster, a good work, much better than it appears on paper". She closed nicely along the rail to get up paying $14.20.


In the 6th race over the new extended turf sprint course, HIGHLY DISTORTED went wire to wire paying $24.80 after working well over the deep main track, receiving a Grade B for being "full of run late..., final 1/4 in 23.4, galloping out with energy, a good work for the gray, who was gelded before his big comeback win".


On Sun Dec 27, in the 1st, our Horse to Watch CASSIE BELLE won relatively easily paying $10.40. In the 8th, first time starter and Fit and Ready lister THE CHOSEN VRON won like a very good thing by 6 3/4 lengths paying a bet down $6.00.


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